Supporters are the life blood of every club, they bolster the clubs income. The more supporters your club has the better.

In run Football you can support other teams, which in turn support you. Both teams will benefit from extra cash from your income items which allows quickly building up a strong financial base with the start of each new income item.

Visit the
runFootball Facebook page, post your code and get chatting to others.

There are a few great players on runFootball, some have taken the time and effort to provide tools to help you gain more supporters.
The following are places you can go to chat to other runFootball players or benefit from their run code harvesting systems.
Feel free to check them out.


Get chatting about the game with other players

Need more supporters

Check out these other sites to get them.

note: runPlay is neither associated with nor monitors any of these sites. If you require support use the in-game channels.